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Taeyang Diet

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Big Bang's Taeyang has been creating quite the buzz with his latest solo album, which features BTS's Jimin. Taeyang said that Teddy was central to his collaboration with Jimin. "Teddy walked by and said, 'I think people would love it if Jimin and Taeyang came out with a cool song,'" he says, adding that the idea of making a song together came up at a dinner with the BTS members.

Taeyang has maintained a six-pack for 17 years. He gains weight when he takes a break, but he has been working hard on his diet in preparation for his comeback. She said that she went back to her roots and worked out and dieted hard, and the results of her workouts were better than she thought, so she changed her top again. Let's find out more about Taeyang's self-management diet.

Sun's self-care routine

For her morning routine, Sun went to the gym and worked out with a trainer. She starts with stretches, then does strength training, and gets a facial five to six times a week.

Sun is particularly fond of Korean food. That's why she's a big fan of Korean cooking programmes. Even when she was abroad on a foreign assignment, she would go to Korean restaurants. She loves to cook and is very serious about it, mostly kimchi related dishes. However, when he's active, he can't eat regular food because he's constantly dieting. Sun's manager's parents farmed sweet potatoes, so they kept bringing him sweet potatoes while he was taking care of his body. On the morning of his comeback, Taeyang ate a banana from his manager.

He also carries a lunchbox that his wife, Min Hyo-lin, packed for him. It contained a salad, a fried egg, and strawberries. Taeyang said that his wife usually makes him fried eggs, but today was another important day, so she made him dalgalmal, saying that it was food with love, and he ate happily.

Also, Taeyang has a principle of keeping an empty stomach before performing, so in the past, when he flew business class, he refused the meal and only asked for ice and water. He said that he tends to prepare a little the day before the performance, but he drinks a lot of water to avoid getting hungry. He keeps an empty stomach not only when performing but also when working on his music. He says he feels much more focused and lighter on an empty stomach when he has to concentrate for hours at a time.

In fact, Sun really likes to eat, but it's a desperate form of self-care: when asked what makes him the happiest in the world, he says that eating good food makes him the happiest.

Sun doesn't usually drink alcohol, but after drinking six bottles of wine with Sai, she got sick of it and doesn't enjoy it anymore.

Big Bang Sun

"I'm starting out solo and there are so many things that scare me," Sugar tells Taeyang. Taeyang responded, "I know how you feel. I know what it's like to feel like you have to do things alone that you used to do with the other members," and he nodded. He continued, "The team must come first and the members must come first. You shouldn't do anything that might make you a liability to the team. At the end of the day, I think every solo activity I do should help the team. Sometimes I don't do well in my solo activities, but having a team to go back to is a great strength." "If you have a healthy relationship with your members like I do now, I think it's invincible," he said with heartfelt advice.

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