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Lee Ji-Young Diet - 14kg 10 Billion Star's Weight Loss Tips

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How Lecturer Lee Ji-young lost 14kg in her 40s

Lee Ji-young is the number one lecturer in social exploration with 3.5 million cumulative students. She first reached 10 billion won in 2014 and hasn't dropped below 10 billion since then. He loves supercars and has revealed that he owns more than 10 cars. He is also known for his generosity, having donated around $5 billion in his lifetime. He has achieved immense wealth, fame, and success despite having a very poor childhood.

Recently, he made headlines for losing 14 kilograms, and he shared his tips. Follow her advice unconditionally. If you listen to her lectures, your grades will improve, and if you follow her diet tips, you will lose weight.

Why she's against dieting

Ji-Young revealed that she was originally an anti-dieter, but she doesn't believe in extreme dieting and calorie restriction. She mentioned that she used to struggle a lot to lose her beauty weight and had an eating disorder. I'm about 167cm tall, but I didn't know what I was doing at the time, and I lost 43kg by force. At the time, she was on a one-meal-a-day, low-calorie diet and got very sick, so she doesn't do that anymore. However, she warns against losing more than the 10kg she had just gained.

During the pandemic, she gained a lot of weight without realising it, and she weighed herself for the first time in a long time when she saw herself on the screen with a fuller figure and a thicker waist. She had gained more than 14kg from her healthy weight, and her waistline had increased by several inches. She went on a diet to get back to her ideal weight.

How she lost 14kg

She lost 14kg in about three months and has kept it off for about four months. At first, she ate three small meals a day. She had a dietary rule. He ate salad and meat at every meal, and avoided carbohydrates like rice and bread.
He ate three types of salad for every meal. He ate cabbage salad, spinach salad, and lettuce salad with balsamic vinaigrette and shredded cheese. He said that eating salads made him feel fuller faster, and that eating meat or fish afterwards required less digestion and absorption, so he was able to eat more and gain less weight.

When asked how she cut out carbs, she said she didn't know why she didn't want to eat bread or macaroons, but she decided to cut back until she got back to her desired weight. So when she wanted something really good, she would have a bite of a macaron or a bite of cheesecake.

But even then, she could only eat one bite a week. It takes a lot of willpower to stop after one bite. It's probably safer not to take a bite at all than to look away. In this way, he allowed himself only one bite of bread a week and stopped eating bread and white rice for about six months.
He said that he ate when he had a meal, put a spoon in front of him when he was served, and went on a healthy diet by sparing himself in this way. And when she ate, she thought, "I just need to eat deliciously and be happy.

Why you can't just walk

One of her favourite exercises was walking 20,000 steps a day. She used to walk on the treadmill at the gym, but after a while, she found that walking on the treadmill was too boring, so she started walking around her neighbourhood. The key is to walk uphill at a really fast pace, as there is no point in just walking 20,000 steps slowly. He walked from September to March last year, rain or shine. She still walks 20,000 steps a day, tries to walk everywhere she goes, and practices her golf swing for an hour.

Jiyoung Sayings

What I would like to say to people who suffer from dieting compulsions

Don't let other people's eyes, the judgemental world, or third-party standards eat away at your life. Don't eat away at your life trying to be more beautiful to others and trying to fit yourself into their standards of beauty.

Dieting not just to eat well and sleep well and be healthy, but to lose your life force, shrinks your spirit. When your spirit shrinks, you are not a beautiful person, no matter how thin your body is. A real beautiful person is someone who is healthy on the inside, who eats delicious things and is full of energy.

You know when people are most unhappy? When they obsess over things that are out of their control. What kind of family I was born into is out of my control, but when I go to bed and wake up and how I study is in my control. I've been living a life of selfishness to focus on the things I can control.

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