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JoJinWoong Diet -40kg How to lose weight and get back into shape

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Jo Jin Woong Diet

Jo Jin Woong is not only an actor, but also an actor who comes to mind when it comes to dieting. "As an actor, it's something you have to deal with, but it's quite painful," he said, revealing that he diets between seasons and off-seasons. He has lost and gained weight several times for each film, and has lost up to 40kg. Here are his tips for losing and gaining weight.

Gaining weight

Jo Jin-woong appeared as a giant in the drama "Sons of a Pharmacist". He was 185cm tall and weighed around 120kg. He said, "It was natural. I ate a lot on purpose, but I was always like this even if I didn't." He had another experience of gain. In the film My Brother, he had to weigh up to 128kg for Doo-shik's deformed body as an autistic child. At that time, he boiled up to 12 bags of jjajang ramen.

Kim Moo-yeol, who appeared in the film 'Confidential' with Jo Jin-woong, said he gained weight for his role as a gangster. When he was told that it was hard to bulk up, he thought to himself. "It's hard to bulk up? There's a lot of pressure on your stomach. I don't understand. I give myself two weeks," he said, showing confidence in his progress.

In fact, he has always had an unusual appetite and loves to eat. His mother used to tell him, "You get fat just standing next to the fridge!" He says. On top of that, he's one of the biggest drinkers in the industry. According to a fellow actor, he could drink until 4am and not get drunk at all. He is also said to be very fond of drinking alcoholic beverages with snacks, such as jinmichae, which are common at home.

There is also a famous anecdote. When Jo Jin-woong visited a bar, a part-time student at the bar was initially very excited because she was a fan of his. However, since the filming location was nearby, the party got fed up with the fact that Jo Jin-woong was taking his work stamp every day and drinking and cleaning up until 4am. In response, he said, "I ask them when it's over."

Losing weight

Jo Jin-woong played the role of Han Seok-kyu's bodyguard Muhul in the drama "A Tree with Deep Roots". He appeared in the drama with a different look. "I worked out a lot," he says. I lost from 120kg to 80kg," he said. "I cut down on food, exercised, and stopped drinking," he said. He went a step further and revealed that he cut off all interpersonal relationships and became a binge drinker. "I love alcohol and snacks, and when I meet people, I eat a lot of alcohol, so I don't meet people at all," he said.

Jo Jin-woong also worked very hard to lose weight while filming his films 'Thawing' and 'Lady'. He even lost 18kg to play the guardian Kouzuki in Lady. She was thinking, "Maybe I should lose some weight for my role," but director Park Chan-wook told her, "You don't look like you have good nutrition," so she decided to lose weight. At the time, he said, "I still had to drink alcohol," so he gave up snacks instead.

Cho Jin-woong says that although he is a good drinker, he tends to eat a lot of snacks and likes high-calorie foods. However, he said that he couldn't eat snacks at that time, so he just ordered a lot and watched it with his eyes. He would even ask the person next to him to try the appetiser and tell him what it tasted like. In fact, he confessed that he only ate a little lettuce, drank alcohol, and looked at the anjou as if it were a picture of rice cakes.

As for exercise, he focuses on cardio. He once lost weight to the point where he said he became a director for the film 'Dictator', and even then, he lost more than 10kg. He ran 30 laps around the schoolyard. Not only that, but he's got some serious boxing skills. In fact, he uses boxing as a regular part of his fitness and weight management regime, and his fundamentals were so solid in the film Sheriff that he didn't need much correction from the martial arts director.

His diet consists of eating less and staying away from food, and he doesn't drink alcohol. After 6pm, he would fast and do a storm of cardio.

He said he admires people who keep their bodies in shape because he can't do that. He says that he can't help it if he wants to in his films, but in his everyday life, he lets go.

Cho Jin-woong Quotes

"I wanted to be very famous, not that I wanted to make a lot of money and live well, but I can't say what I want to say without being famous. You can criticise the current reality or suggest a better life, and that's the role you should play. I thought I should work harder with a higher calling."


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